Lately on Instagram…

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This week I’ve been…

1. Taking pictures in the snow with my lil’ bro
2. Eating in a lovely country kitchen
3. Sledding around sunset
4 & 5. Snowmobiling with my family
6. Standing on icy Lake Winnipesaukee :0
7. Eating magical heart shaped donuts
8. finding a mini sled πŸ™‚
9. Hanging out with my cousin’s dog Axel
10. loving the snow & Snow White ❀
11. More sledding!
12. showing my outfit post
13. starting my radio show again Friday’s at 11 on EC Radio
14. Having my first London fog
15. posting another outfit
16. eating an oreo cookie Mickey Mouse
17. Admiring the incredible books and lovely typewriter at NASSR
18. Going out to eat my first hot pot meal with my friends πŸ™‚
If you have an Instagram feel free to follow me!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


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