Little Money, Big Problems: Second Time Around

Photo: Aline Chaprazian

In my last post, I explained how consigning at Second Time Around works according to its website.

I set up an appointment for this past Tuesday so see if it’s really as professional and painless as it says on it’s site.

When walking into the store, I was greeted right away by an employee.

I told her I had an appointment and she had me fill out a form with information like my name, address, and phone number to begin setting up my account.

She was very kind and willing to explain the process to me once more just so I fully understood it.

I had a bag of 5 items (even though they said bring 3): a white purse, black BCBG flats, a multi-colored pair of floral shorts, a black and white floral skort, and a pair of grey Aldo flats.

After I finished filling every thing out, she took my bag off my hands and told me that she needed 20 minutes.

It was a small amount of time so I just browsed around until she came back.

In the end, she took 3 items: the floral shorts and two pairs of shoes.Β 

ThenΒ she explained that the final prices for my items would be available for me online by the end of the day.

My shorts are priced at $15, the BCBG shoes are $25, and the Aldo shoes are $19.Β 

If and when my items get purchased I will earn 40% of the profit and I could receive store credit or a check.

If my items don’t get sold after 90 days, I can come back to the store and pick them up.

This was the easiest consignment selling experience I have ever had!

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