Lately on Instagram…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been…
1. eating the most delicious crepe’s
2. taking escalator rides
3. admiring my grandmother’s tea cup from Lebanon
4. finding my old doodles
5. taking pictures of things I can find in the radio room (this was a chandelier)
6. eating edamame with my roommate
7. traveling the wrong way
8. taking a small adventure on my own
9. eating at my new favorite cafe
10. missing flowers (spring needs to hurry up)
11. taking silly pictures of my sister
12. finding felix stickers every where I go
13. & 14. taking pictures of some cute fishies
15. checking out my mom’s crayon box from 1973
16. posting a new outfit
17. admiring the snow
18. Going to my first Bruins game with Rebecca
19. holding the winning hockey puck from the Bruins vs Maple Leafs game
20. documenting my tickets
21. loving the game of hockey

If you have an Instagram feel free to follow me! 

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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