One Last Sweater

I am hoping this will be my last sweater of the season. 
The snow is sure to melt here in Boston I can feel it. 
I’m ready for spring. 
I hope I can say the same for you. 
My days have been keeping me busy as usual, but there are moments when I just stop and admire the clouds that give me hope soon I will be able to relax for more than just a moment. 
Being a college student is tough, and although I complain about my workload I’m really happy I have it. 
I have just a little over a month left of school then I will officially be a junior. 
It’s crazy to think how time really does fly by so quick.
It’s that realization that encourages me to stop and enjoy every moment I have. 
Whether if it’s with your family, friends, or just those quiet moments you have with yourself. 
Indulge in everything because before you know it, time will slip right through your hands. 
These are just some thoughts I’ve been having lately. Do you feel like time is moving to fast? Let me know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


wearing: sweater-urban outfitters; hat- H&M; leggings-Nordstroms; shirt w/ collar-Forever 21; boots-Steve Madden

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