Boston Strong T-Shirts Raising Money for Victims of Marathon Monday Bombing

Boston Strong
thebudman623/Flickr CC

Last week was an incredible roller coaster for Bostonians.

From the day of the bombings to the shootout in Watertown to the lock down of Watertown, Boston and other major cities and finally, the capture of the suspect, this past week has brought out feelings of love amongst the people of Boston.

Not only do the people of Boston have a closer bond and pride for the state of Massachusetts, but many other parts of America are supportive of the new slogan “Boston Strong”, created by two Emerson students, Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens.

To purchase the Boston Strong t-shirt and help raise money to support the victims of the bombings, please check out the InkStrong page. The design ends on Sunday, April 28.

“Boston Strong” t-shirts have become very popular within the past week and have helped raised an incredible amount of. Most of the shirts have the Boston Marathon colors (blue and yellow).

According to this article, the proceeds for each shirt “are going to the One Fund Boston, the charity set up by Governor Deval­ Patrick and Mayor Thomas M. Menino to support the people most affected by the explosions on April 15, which killed three and injured 264.”

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