Hi everyone! So for the past week I’ve been in Maine on vacation! My family and I used to come up here all the time when I was younger and we’re finally back. It’s been really lovely. I’m staying at a campground that doesn’t really feel like a campground it’s actually like a resort. There’s a bunch of pools, an arcade, mini golf, and more. I love being able to ride my bike around and not having to worry about oncoming cars and traffic because this place was built for bike riding among other things. 
Anyway we will be leaving in a few days but it’s been really fun staying here with my family. The outfit I’m wearing is something casual. I know that POW shirts have become pretty trendy and I decided to sport mine for this post. I love this one because it’s unique with the pow detail on the front and the stripe detail on the back. I’m wearing two trends in one. I also am wearing one of my favorite high-waisted shorts that I happened to cut myself. I hope you enjoy this look. I’m sure many of you are going back to school seeing I only have a couple of weeks or so before I’m back as well. Hopefully I’ll get my back to school essentials post up soon!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather!

wearing; top-Papaya; shorts-DIY; shoes-Converse

photo’s taken by Natalie Chaprazian

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