Fall 2013 Boots: Are you ready?

Fall Boots

My favorite season is only three weeks away! Not that I want to rush into it, but do you ever want to just wear fall clothing? I hate that you can’t because it’s still awkwardly warm an if you were to come out head to toe in a cozy cardigan and boots not suited for summer then well you’ll end up looking a little silly and probably feel way to warm. That’s okay though because these three weeks give you the opportunity to gather your fall garments and shoes. My favorite part of fall is the boots. There are so many different style and beautiful fall hues. I made a list of my favorite styles for this year. 

Starting from top left and going across: 

  • Madden Girl Sulleyy Black Belted High Heel Ankle Boots – These boots are incredible! I love that they are grey and they are very wearable for the fall. They are high heeled so something that I take into consideration when buying a boot with heels is how far can I walk in these before I rip them off?
  • Restricted City Search Tan Brogue Ankle Boots – When shopping for fall boots it’s essential to have the perfect tan pair. I love this pair for the color and the buckle detailing. 
  • Jeffery Campbell ‘Mattie’ Boot – These boots are a tad bit expensive and if I could afford them at this moment I would snatch them up. The two shades of brown complement each other and I adore the subtle detailing. 
  • Outdoor Odyssey Boot – This pair looks very sturdy and after reading some reviews it seems like that’s a fact. This pair is a great combat boot it looks like a olive/grey color perfect for the fall!
  • A Splash of Style Boot – This pair is not a very traditional fall color if you’re looking for something that’s brown or black. I love this pair because it’s a great transition boot from summer to fall. It has a dark element with a hint of summer colors. 
  • Steve Madden ‘Troopa’ Boots – These are my favorite combat boots ever…! I love them so much! I’ve had mine for three years. They are incredible and clearly very stylish because they weren’t selling them for a while and all of a sudden Steve Madden brought them back! And they come in an array of colors which I love. I want a couple of more for myself…maybe for Christmas? Anyway the point is they are amazing and if you take good care of them they will last you forever!
  • DV by Dolce Vita ‘Camira’ Boots – Burgundy is a lovely fall color. I have come to adore it more and more! I think if you want to take your fall boot fashion a notch up go with a burgundy color. 
  • Must Have Buckle Booties – I’ve noticed Forever21 has had some really cute shoes recently and this pair is what I’m talking about! It’s elegant, edgy, and amazing!
  • Blowfish Anetta Bootie – Textured boots are very fashionable for the fall and this pair is lovely.

These are just a bunch of boots that I happened to come by and suggest to you there are plenty of other amazing styles! What’s your favorite fall boot style? 
Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely day! 

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