Vintage Sunday

Hi everyone! Happy November! Boy time sure is flying by…so things have been busy as usual lately, but it’s a good busy. Earlier this month I was very stressed about school, but for now, things have seemed to mellow out… Last week Amy from Artifaktori called me up and asked me to run the Artifaktori booth again at the SoWa Vintage Market. How could I pass that up, right? I mean the first time I ran the booth (with my sister) was a couple of months ago and we loved it!
So we went there again and this time I dawned one of my favorite vintage pieces. I wore a shirt that belonged to my mom back in the 80s as a dress. Yup. My mom is much taller than I will ever be and yes, I wore her shirt as a dress. It’s genuinely one of my favorite things she has passed down.
There were a lot of incredible vintage pieces at the market. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to purchase anything, but browsing was nice! I love exploring through the clothing, posters, and nick nacks galore on my down time last week there were tons and tons of people.
Before the rush of people, I was able to grab some food at Roxy’s Grilled Cheese truck. IT WAS AMAZING. I had the green muenster, which was a grilled cheese sandwich with muenster cheese, guacamole, and bacon. I didn’t get a chance to try the fries, but I’ve heard they’re to die for.
Well, hopefully, I’ll be able to visit the SoWa Market again soon!
Have a wonderful day!

wearing: dress-vintage; hat-H&M; boots-Steve Madden

photo’s taken by Natalie Chaprazian


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