Cozy Autumn Vest

Hello everyone! It’s official the night comes quicker as our days are longer. Just yesterday it was pitch black outside and I thought it was 8pm when it was actually 5pm. Crazy! 
But with the time shift, there’s also a change in weather, there are even some places with snow. 
Well, I guess it’s time to break out those warm winter sweaters and in this case vests too. 
The vest featured in this post is from ShopRuche, one of my newest favorite places to shop. I had my eye on this vest since the day it was posted on the ShopRuche website. I waited and waited to purchase it and then it was gone! To my surprise, I found there was one left in stock and I had to have it. I thought it was fate, someone must have returned it, therefore, leading me to find it. That wasn’t the case…I received an email explaining there was a manufacturers error. The email sent from Ruche was very kind and they refunded me. 
Just a week later I received another message telling me that the vest was back in stock. With that knowledge I immediately bought it.
This is genuinely one of my favorite purchases because it feels like I’m wearing a warm blanket. My favorite part is that it has pockets. Cozy and convenient :).
I kept this look simple pairing the vest with dark denim, a cream top with some details in the sleeve, and loafers. 
What’s your go-to fall/winter essential(s)? I think a cozy vest is a good investment!
Let me know in the comments below!
Have a wonderful day!
wearing: vest-ShopRuche; top-Kohls; denim-GoJane; loafers-Kohls
photo’s taken by Natalie Chaprazian 


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