Keep me Warm

Hello everyone! Just a quick outfit post today, I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving! It’s been a little tough to get some good posts in with the weather we’ve been having lately. One day it’s humid and rainy, the next it’s frigid. I can’t keep up, all I can do is work with it I suppose. Anyway, I wanted to share one of the coziest outfits I have put together! It’s featuring a sweater my sister actually gave me (thanks, Natalie). Also, the scarf I’m wearing is probably the softest I’ve ever owned. I love infinity scarfs and this one has an array of earthy toned hues which makes me adore it even more. And let me just say boy did this outfit keep me warm. Hope you’re staying warm wherever you may be during this transition into winter. Time is moving so fast!
Have a lovely day!
wearing: sweater-c/o Natalie Chaprazian; scarf-ShopRuche; Jeans-Vigoss; Boots-Kohl’s
photo’s taken by Natalie Chaprazian


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