dress: Brandy Melville || sweater: Saver’s || shoes: topshop 

It’s that time…this post was taken pre-snow and let me tell you sweater season has officially hit and I’m beyond excited. I have too many sweaters to even count and the one I’m wearing in this post is one of my favorites. I got it a few years ago actually on a trip to Savers. Just be prepared for a massive amount of sweater related posts…I’ll try to break it up, but I’m not making any promises 😉 it’s getting that cold here and apparently, this winter is going to be the coldest in Boston. Also, today is Black Friday so if you are out shopping I hope you grab the best deals and good luck! I’ll be at work avoiding all the mall madness 😉 yay for cyber Monday!
Have a lovely weekend!
xx Aline
photos taken by Natalie Chaprazian

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