YAY for 2015 and all the cold weather…

Aline Chaprazian


sweater: Saver’s thift shop || jeans: Nasty Gal || boots: Topshop || bag: ASOS 
Hellooo! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted. So many things are happening. I’m finishing up my last semester of college – which is insane! I’m interning too and trying to enjoy myself during this frigid season. I’ve got plenty of sweaters to keep me warm. How ’bout those mid-January sales? 
Honestly, now is one of the best times to find some great end of season deals, you just got to keep an eye out. I’ll hopefully post more outfits this year…fingers crossed. I feel like I say that all the time, but there’s hope! I’ll try to be more consistent…I’m not making that a “resolution”, but something I’ll keep working on. 
Happy New Year and have a lovely weekend!
xx Aline Chaprazian
photos taken by Natalie Chaprazian

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