Tulips and a Bum Knee

Hi friends, it has been a while. I have been feeling slightly uninspired to write or post anything as of late. The past month has been a little rough, but last week I went out with a couple of my friends (I want to call them my glam squad – shout out to Krista and Julia -with the bum knee) to shoot my outfit. I have been looking for a new photographer only because my sister has been so swamped with school and what not that she has no time for me…

Anyway I have been lucky enough to have Julia as my lovely friend who seemed super excited to shoot my outfit. She honestly was so great! She got a bum knee while trying to take photos of me #dedication. We went to the Boston Commons and shot in front of a willow tree and tulips. You’re not supposed to sit on the grass, but you know we’re rebellious so we did…

To give you an idea of what kind of model I am – 99% of the time I am incredibly awkward. I move around too much and I’m really goofy. Julia was very good at giving direction like telling me to pretend I’m in the show One Tree Hill among other hilariously amazing things. I just need to be better at looking fierce so I’m working on it.

Last Friday, my good friend Krista, who was also with us, got a pixie cut and she looks like a model there’s no denying it. Julia and I went with her for moral support. And when you look through these photos you will see that the pixie cut is meant for HER!

Anyway all in all it was so much fun…but it got super cold. We made a pit stop at Sephora and I got to meet Keytar Bear too. For those of you not from Boston I guess he’s just some pretty cool dude who dresses up in a bear costume and plays the keytar around the city. He asked me to help him button his shirt. Clearly he could tell that I have an eye for fashion and that I’m very good at buttoning things. I see you Keytar Bear with your cheetah print top. 😉

Though I’ve been feeling uninspired, I’ve actually started baking more…WHILE
LOOKING FOR JOBS. STOP WORRYING! I may do a post about baking…We shall see…I’m going to keep this post brief, but I have a lot of good news to share so keep an eye out for that. Oh and check out the photos below!

Until next time,
xx Aline










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