NARS Summer 2016 Collection Beauty Review


Hello all! Recently, I decided to treat myself to some items from Sephora to expand my already somewhat large makeup collection, but the more the merrier right? This will be my first beauty review and I am very excited.

NARS is one of my favorite brands of makeup. I tend to steer towards their lipstick, and for anyone who knows me really well I’m all about lipstick. When I saw the NARS Summer 2016 collection I fell in love! I typically don’t go for limited edition items because well…when you run out of the product then what? But these spoke to me.

The collection consists of four Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, two Dual Intensity Blushes, and four Lip Covers (liquid lipsticks). Sephora only has three of the lip covers and the other one you can purchase directly on the NARS website.

There is a beautiful variety of eyeshadows, but I purchased the lightest color. BORING! I know. But I have been looking for a color like this for a little while, and I love the formula.

Alright, so I’m just going to dive in.


Swatching and actually getting the color to show up the way it looks in real life is really hard. I tried. Really hard. The dual intensity eyeshadow that I purchased is called Topless. I hope you can kind of get the gist of the color, but it is a shimmery cream shade. It applies pretty sheerly, but you can build it up. It is perfect for highlighting the brow bone, but I also like it on the lid. To give you an idea of how I wear it, I usually place a dark brown in the crease and use this color to highlight my lid. I think it is a great color for an easy neutral look for the summer,

You can purchase Topless on Sephora for $29

For the lip cover swatches…I used my sister’s hand as a model. So thank you, Natalie.

Alright, the first one is called Get Dirty, which happens to be my favorite. The lip covers are all liquid lipsticks by NARS and do not dry matte, but have great staying power! This one is a beautiful, neutral dusty rose color. It looks sort of peachy too, but in a like hip 90s way. Does this make sense? I feel like there are many lip colors this color because I think it’s pretty trendy. The coverage of this color is very pigmented and it fades gracefully. I wore it out, ate a meal, and didn’t have to reapply because it still looked great! I think this color universally would look amazing on any skin tone.

You can purchase Get Dirty at Sephora for $28

This lip cover is called Overheated. Now when I swatched this color and compared it to Get Dirty, in the photos they look pretty similar. I knew that may be a problem, but when I tested the color out on myself it actually looked like a light mocha. I’m not used to wearing browns, and I was pretty skeptical about this color washing me out. It didn’t though. It’s darker and definitely meant to be worn with a tan, and it is a part of the SUMMER 2016 COLLECTION. The color is also very pigmented and really only needs one swipe of application, but because the color looked so dark on me I blotted it a little and it gave it a subtle matte finish, which I also like.

You can purchase Overheated at Sephora for $29

This last lip cover I have to share is called Do Not Disturb. It is a beautiful orange-red PERFECT for the summer time. I tend to wear a lot of blue reds or darker reds and I get nervous around colors like this, but I love it. This shade is amazing! It is a very vivid color, but honestly is the perfect pop of color for the summer time. I wore this out over the weekend to a Boston Bloggers event actually and it lasted all day. Obviously, this color doesn’t fade that gracefully, but it sure has some staying power.

You can purchase Do Not Disturb on the Sephora site for $29

I also believe all these items are available in store, but I would snag them as soon as possible because who knows – they might run out.


And this concludes my first beauty review! Practice makes perfect, right? I’m hoping to do more of these and review some skincare items as well. Also, check out my Instagram for any style and beauty updates. Until next time!
xx Aline

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