My Skincare Routine

I once read a quote that stated, “beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”. Not sure if that applies to everyone, but I think for myself it reigns true. I have been obsessed with skincare from a very young age. I used to get breakouts very frequently and occasionally I still do… I’ve upgraded my routine quite a few times and am always on the lookout for new products. As of right now, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve been using for 2016. Many of the products I use have been recommended to me by my friends and sister. I love talking about skin care so I decided to share what I’ve been using for the past 6 months. So…here we go!

The first products I’d like to discuss are the Jeju Natural Facemasks. My sister introduced these to me not too long ago and I fell in love with what they do for my skin! The two I’m featuring in the photo above are the green tea mask and the canola honey mask. The green tea mask leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. The canola honey mask leaves my skin hydrated as well but also makes it feel firm…you have to try it to understand. I have oily skin and I’ve learned that my type of skin actually requires a lot of hydration. These masks are great for that and I believe are good for all skin types. Korean skincare products are amazing and I wear one of these masks probably every other day. I have so many different kinds…but as of right now this brand is my favorite. I highly recommend them and you can find these masks at TJMaxx in the skincare aisle or order them from Amazon.

Green Tea Face Mask | Canola Honey Face Mask 


Now let’s move on to my new favorite exfoliator. I had been using harsh exfoliators on my face for years. I actually used a face scrubs by Kate Somerville, recently that was so harsh on my skin that it immediately broke out. I spoke to someone at Sephora who explained to me that I shouldn’t be using harsh scrubs on my face especially if I have sensitive skin (which I do). The woman I spoke to suggested I use the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel. This product is so strange at first but also really cool. The Sephora employee had me test it out on my skin and she warned me that people get freaked out by the product. Essentially it’s a gel that you rub on your skin and you can physically see the dead skin being removed. I’m not sure if I’m describing it correctly but got to your local Sephora and test it out for yourself. I like this exfoliant because it isn’t harsh on my face. I use it once a week just to get rid of some dead skin cells. AND ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS moisturize promptly after use because the product is stripping away hydration in the skin.


Next, is a cleanser one of my friends recommended to, It’s called the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I purchased this one product at Sephora. It’s a great basic cleanser, it doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s great for removing makeup too. It just makes my face feel super clean at the end of the day.

*I don’t wash my face with cleanser in the morning because technically when you sleep your skin doesn’t have as much dirt on it if you have washed it the night before. I usually wash my face with water and apply my moisturizers.


The next product I’d like to share is the Belif Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner. This toner is great! I love belif products because they are so light and definitely get the job done. This product is specifically for oily skin andI  usually just take a cotton ball, pour the toner on it, and clean my T-zone. It makes my skin feel very fresh, clean and ready for moisturizer.


I also use the Belif Oil Control Fresh MoisturizerOn the bottle, it says that the product is made with sebum control herb complex which helps me a lot. My t-zone does produce oil and I find that I get more oily because I wear glasses but this product provides the right amount hydration without being heavy or greasy.


SUNSCREEN is a very important part of my skincare routine. I used to use a lot of chemical sunscreens just transitioned into using the First Aid Beauty Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer after I’ve cleansed and applied my moisturizer. This sunscreen is very thick but doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all…which is really interesting. You have to really rub it in, but it works so well and definitely protects my face.


I received the Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm after getting a treatment by a Kate Somerville representative and I think it’s so great. I believe I have the sample size and use to under my eyes in the morning and evening. It gives the skin under my eyes a cooling effect which I really like.


I talked about my face exfoliant now I’m going to talk about the one I use on my body which is the Asquith & Somerset Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. I purchased this product from TJMaxx and you can also purchase this product on Amazon. Usually, when I shower I like to exfoliate my arms, shoulders, and legs. There are many different scents, but right now this one is my favorite! I love it because it leaves my skin super smooth. It’s also great for exfoliating before you shave…just as an added tip. 90c2e-img_2387

And finally, the last product I’d like to share is the Rosewater Body LotionI also purchased this from TJMaxx, but sometimes it can be tricky to find. My sister introduced this product to me. She and I both love it because it’s a water-based moisturizer (just like my daily face moisturizer) and leaves our skin hydrated, soft, and smelling like roses. Honestly, what more could you ask for? My legs and elbows always get very dry no matter what season and this product has really been helping with that!

And there you have it, that is my full skincare routine of the moment. I’m always on the lookout for new products and love to try new things so if you have any suggestions or would like to share your skin care routine please feel free to comment below! Also if I do find a new product I will most likely post about it on my Instagram, so please feel free to follow that as well. Until next time!

xx Aline

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