Grandma Grunge…

Aline Chaprazian

Hey, friends! I know it’s been a little while. This is going to be a short post about one of my favorite dresses. I purchased this dress for $10 at a Savers Thrift store, and I want all my dresses to be like this COMFORTABLE, ROOMY, and STYLISH.

During this shoot, I went to one of my favorite cafe’s called Three Little Figs with my dear friend/sometimes photographer Julia (she and her beeboo are currently in Ireland without me, and I am deeply HURT…but it’s fine). We were trying out some different poses. I admit I can get awkward in front of the camera, and I am working on it. I also wanted to mention the lipstick I’m wearing…it’s by Kat Von D of course, and it’s the Project Chimps shade (warm brick red). It’s perfect for fall! So, if you get a chance grab one 20% of the retail price will go directly to Project Chimps, a nonprofit organization that works to stop the use of chimps in biomedical research and retire them to a life of freedom and sanctuary. AMAZING!

Outfit Deets: Dress – Saver’s Thrift |  Bag – Nordstrom | Boots – ASOS | Lipstick – Kat Von D

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Until next time,

xx Aline Chaprazian

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