peachy keen

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Hello everyone and happy September! It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated my blog and well I’m just going to get into it… Last week I had a pleasure of going peach picking at two different farms! I visited Parlee Farms as well as Tougas Family Farm. I was quite ecstatic because I don’t think I’ve ever gone peach picking in Massachusettes. Well…except for this one time in my front yard. My grandfather planted a couple of peach trees and there was only one year that we had an abundance of peaches. It was amazing, but back to the farms.

I’ve been talking about peach picking nonstop. All summer long I’ve been dying to go fruit picking. I visited Sweden back in June and even then I had set my mind on going strawberry picking or something there. Unfortunately, the weather had been quite cold this year in Sweden so the crop bloomed a little late, but maybe next time. It doesn’t matter at this point I went peach picking…in Massachusettes. Apple picking was all I ever knew…UNTIL NOW!

My first peach picking stop was Parlee Farms. I took the day off from work and drove up to Tyngsborough with my boyfriend. I had a lot of fun at this farm and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend did too. We started the day by scarfing a dozen, freshly baked, mini cider donuts, then we picked some GIANT peaches, and cut our own flowers from Parlee’s flower field.

The. Flower. Field. Is. So. Beautiful!

After maybe three days, I visited Tougas Family Farm with one of my best friends. This farm was also so lovely. Both days that I went peach picking were perfect. Tougas Family Farm had experienced a huge hail storm in June so my friend and I were informed that the peaches may have been slightly affected, but all the peaches we picked were beautiful and squish (which means ripe). After picking so many peaches we went back to my friend’s house and decided to bake not one but two cobblers. I had never made a peach cobbler before and let me tell you it came out so delicious and the crust. UGH! I’m going to share the recipe we used below, but all in all, I had an amazing week of fruit picking and now I’m prepared for apple picking season! Weeeeee!

outfit #1 details: top – monki/asos | skirt – monki/asos | shoes – converse

outfit #2 details: top – thrift store in Sweden | jeans – Brandy Melville | shoes – converse | purse – Nordstrom

Peach Cobbler Recipe can be found on the blog Life in the Lofthouse!

It’s so quick and easy to make!

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

xoxo Aline



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