POSH Beauty Essentials Lip Scrub Review!

Not too long ago I was sent these POSH Beauty Essentials Lip Scrubs to try out, and I wanted to share my opinion of them. I will be reviewing three lip scrub flavors: Mocha Green Tea, Rose Mint, and Lemon Drop.

Here’s a little bit of background on the company and product:

The creator of POSH Beauty Essentials, Michelle Olivia, started the brand in 2014 and used it as a way to raise money for local charities in Massachusetts. The product is made in the USA and is formulated to be vegan and are cruelty-free. You can check out the ingredients list on the site but just to let you know IT IS A VERY SHORT LIST, which is awesome!

Here’s what Michelle says on her site about how the lip scrubs work:

Our natural formula is designed specifically to remove dead skin cells from the sensitive lip area without suffering the unpleasant side effects of creams or peels. Try your favorite POSH Lips Scrub today, and discover just how gorgeous and alive your lips can be!

The lip scrubs sound amazing, right? Well, they are! TRUST ME.

I’m not a huge lip scrubs person. I’m trying to work on all aspects of my personal self-care, and I do tend to not take care of my lips. I wear a lot of lipstick and tend to get those WONDERFUL things called limples (lip pimples) a little too often. It probably happens because I’m not doing a sufficient job removing the dead skin cells from my lips.


Regardless, I was excited to give these a try and incorporate them into my skincare routine!

Naturally, I tested these out on a Sunday when I was in full SELF CARE SUNDAY MODE and here are my thoughts:

Image is taken from the Posh Beauty Essentials Site

Matcha Green Tea: This one is the first lip scrub I tried from the trio. It is indeed green! The application is straightforward you rub it on your lips. I like to move my finger in small circles around my lips — gently to really make sure I’m scrubbing off the dead skin. So, is it me or do other people want to taste their lip scrubs? I had too. I needed to know. BUT to be safe I also checked the FAQs on the POSH Beauty Essentials site, and it states that:

POSH Lip Scrubs are natural, but due to strict FDA regulations, we do not advertise our Lip Scrubs as being edible. Our Lip Scrubs are safe for everyone in your home to use.It won’t hurt to lick access scrub off from your lips, but we do not encourage consumption of our product.

So I gave the scrub a little taste — it was on my lips YA KNOW? It tasted sweet.  Anyway, there wasn’t a huge matcha flavor, which I like. I find that matcha kind of tastes like grass, and there was no grassy flavor to this lip scrub so A+ from me! The scrub left my lips soft and when I applied lipstick not too long after using it, the product when on SMOOTHLY. That’s how you know your lip scrub is doing its job.

Image is taken from the Posh Beauty Essentials Site

Rose Mint: I think this one is the most unique out of the three. The product actually has small bits of rose petals, which I thought was pretty neat. When I put the product on my lips, there was a gradual tingling sensation because of the peppermint in the scrub. The flavor of the scrub was sweet and not overly rosy. The mint flavor was definitely stronger but not it a negative way. I like when products with any sort of mint flavor make your face or lips tingle. It feels like it’s doing something extra for me. I’m not too sure about how other people feel about the tingling sensation or if others are sensitive to it, so be aware. I personally felt like this scrub left my lips the softest out of the three. Again, this is how I feel, and it may not be the same for someone else.


Image is taken from the Posh Beauty Essentials Site


Lemon Drop: Okay, so when I put this scrub on my lips…I may have tasted a little bit. The flavor was sweet and SOUR! JUST LIKE A LEMON! HELLO!? For some reason, I was so shocked by this. I think I was just expecting it to be sweet like the others. BUT NO. This one stays true to the limón flavor. The consistency of the scrub and natural oils felt like they went on a little differently when I applied the product. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t apply as much but it felt nice. Again, this scrub also left my lips feeling moisturized and clean. The lemon flavor is fun and exciting. I almost feel like it’s much more exciting than the matcha and rose scrubs only because it is very true to the lemon drop candy flavor.


These products are amazing! I have to say they are all great and I think choosing the right one is going to depend on which flavor you are more drawn to because they all do exactly what they say. GIVE YOU SOFT and SMOOTH lips. If you’re in the market for a lip scrub try these. I believe it’s important to support small businesses and I will be recommending POSH Lip Scrubs to all my friends and family!

If you’re in the market for a lip scrub try these. I believe it’s important to support small businesses and I will be recommending POSH Lip Scrubs to all my friends and family!

Until next time!

xoxo Aline

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