Pleated-Accordion Pants are cool, okay?

This is just a quick outfit post! I’ve been a little MIA with my blogging, but I have loads of posts coming soon! Lately, I’ve been trying to minimize my spending on fast fashion and work on putting some outfits together with items I already have in my closet. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of pleated skirts and pants at stores, and I’m cool with keeping up with the trends without having to buy into them right now. The pants I’m featuring in this post are SO COMFORTABLE. They are so flowy and fun. When you stretch them they kind of look like an accordion, which amuses me.

But the comfort part is the most important!

The weather in Massachusetts has been wishy-washy, so I paired these pants with a cropped sweater. It keeps me warm, and if I get cold, I can just throw a jacket over it. I got the top at a thrift store in New York. If you want to style a similar outfit, I encourage you to try to find pieces in your own closet OR buy second hand. Online shopping and retail shopping has become incredibly dull, and I feel uninspired. I feel more excited about piecing an outfit together if I go to a local consignment/thrift/vintage shop.

Anyway, Halloween weekend is upon us, and I’M SO EXCITED TO EVERYONE’S COSTUMES AND SHARE MY OWN!!

Outfit Details: cropped sweater, Beacon’s Closet; pleated pants, ASOS/Monki (similar pair); shoes, topshop; bag, Nordstrom.

Xoxo Aline Chaprazian


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