Thrifted: 3 Pieces You Need to Getting the Perfect Menswear Look


It’s cool. It’s trendy. And it’s an easy look to put together! I’ve never really worn a lot of menswear-inspired looks, and I’m very proud of the one I’m featuring in this post. So, I’m going to share a few things I did to achieve this look.

If you have the intention of looking for a menswear-inspired outfit, I would first check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

I purchased the pants and collared shirt back when I was in Sweden at a store similar to Good Will where they had a “by the pound” section. They just had PILES of clothing that you had to dig through, but if you were able to snag some items, the cost was super cheap. I purchased the white button down top and camel-colored pants with the intention of putting them in a look together. The pants were quite large for me and I just recently had them taken in.

Sidenote: Having clothing items I’ve thrifted tailored to fit my body is so satisfying because I rarely am able to find clothes that actually fit because I’m so petite.

Anyway, I struggled with the pants and shirt combination for a while because I felt like something was missing. That’s where the jacket came in! I recently went to my local Savers – just to explore – and found this coat with the original tags still on. I took it home I started trying on outfits and pairing it with the camel pants, and collared shirt combo worked perfectly. Honestly, menswear outfits are easy to put together. Of course, you can dress this look up or down, play up the accessories (glasses!) and shoes but the critical pieces of a menswear look are a collared shirt, dress pants, and a blazer. Honestly, if anyone is up for a challenge I’d love to see your menswear-looks. I’m on Instagram so feel free to tag me!

Outfit Details: camel dress pants, thrifted; white collared top, thrifted; shoes, converse; glasses, Warby Parker (similar).

xoxo Aline


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