The 3 Amazing Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Thrift Store


I am an advocate for shopping at any local thrift, vintage, and consignment store. Buying second hand is a great option instead of purchasing from fast fashion retailers, which is something I’m learning to do more. It’s been a slow and challenging journey, but I wanted to share 3 benefits I believe you get when you shop at a local thrift store.

1. Your Purchases are Making an Impact

Whether you’re buying from a large retailer like Goodwill, Savers, or a local shop you are making an impact. The mass production of clothing is polluting our world! That’s something I never considered when I would buy clothes. When you buy second hand, you are doing so much to benefit our ecosystem and economy. First, you’re recycling! People throw away clothes like it’s nothing but actually that clothing is piling up in massive landfills around the world.

For example, Savers thrift store has a business model called Rethink ReuseTM. It’s a business model that promotes purchasing, reselling and recycling; which allows communities to shop smart and keep more than 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year.

Also, something else to consider when you buy second hand is that many of these stores donate and support nonprofits.

If you buy from your local consignment store, you are also supporting a local small business. It’s impactful because small businesses benefit the community while fast fashion corporations do not.

Just something to think about.

2. Affordability!

I admit that spending money on quality clothing is awesome BUT I also love a good deal and cannot stress how affordable thrift shopping is. There are always some amazing hidden treasures and designer products are always marked way less than the original price! The dress I’m featuring in this post isn’t designer but it is a vintage piece that I purchased for — drum roll please — $3.99! Pretty sweet deal, amirite?!?!

3.  Inspires Creativity 

This is more of a personal thing but I was in a rut when it came to styling outfits. I don’t feel inspired when I shop at department stores and buying online is cool and convenient but the experience is not the same. I have spent time at thrift stores in Boston and New York and I personally feel excited to put effort into the outfits I create. Fashion, style, and creativity are important to me and buying second hand gives so many amazing options to create your dream wardrobe.

JUST ONE MORE THING! An article I’d really like to share, written by my good friend Krista Donnelly who runs the blog LifeStyle1992, is an article about the 5 Ways to Build an Ethical Closet. It’s been a great guide for me, and I’m hoping it can be helpful to you!

Outfit Details: striped dress, thrifted; jacket, topshop; shoes, ASOS; earrings, Claires (from 10 years ago lololol).

xoxo Aline Chaprazian

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