5 Hair Care Products to Try for Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair

Over the last few months, I have gathered a small amount of hair care products that I’ve been using and wanted to share my updated hair care routine with a review of the products I’ve been using.

I’ve picked up most of these hair care products from Sephora to work through the hair struggles I have.

Also, you may have noticed I CUT my hair. This was a necessary move for me because my thick hair was actually weighing me down. Apparently, my hairdresser cut 10 inches — I didn’t know my hair had grown so long!

Aline Chaprazian of Aline Aesthetic

My hair, when long, is very THICK, wavy, FRIZZY, full of tangles, DRY, wants moisture but not too much moisture so finding a balance is nearly impossible for me. Yes, it looked beautiful and was very versatile when tamed but was also a nightmare to take care of. In the past maybe eight months my hair struggled with product buildup. I was just so tired of it, and I feel a lot happier with my short hair!

So, let’s get into the products:

Neutrogena Anti- Residue Shampoo $4.79

Aline Aesthetic review of neutrogena anti-residue shampoo

This is not a new product for me! I’ve been using theNeutrogena Anti- Residue Shampoo since I was 10? If my hair freaked out because I was swimming in too much chlorine or if I used too much detangler this was my go to — and still is. I haven’t tried other anti-residue shampoos because this is my holy grail.

How I can tell my hair has a lot of product build up is when after I wash my hair it still felt really greasy, and it took much longer to dry. This was happening due to a few reasons: washing my hair less, using dry shampoo more, and not properly taking care of my hair in general.

I think it’s important to use an anti-residue shampoo, especially during the summer every 3-4 weeks depending on your hair.

If you haven’t used one before it essentially cleans your hair and it does strip the natural oils so again using it once a month should be enough to give your hair a fresh start.

When I use it my hair does get dry but after using my regular product and using my regular shampoo and conditioner a couple times a week it because normal. If you don’t experience product build up then maybe skip this one but if you have hair like mine and experience product build up you need it!

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner $26 each

My search to improve my hair care routine began with products for wavy, frizzy, thick hair. To reiterate, my hair is and has always been a frizzy mess. I have no idea how to combat flyaways and pretty much gave up just before I cut my hair.

I purchased the Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner from Sephora and have been testing it out for a few months now. When I first started using this product I didn’t really think it worked for my hair. I think that’s because I wasn’t using enough product for the amount of hair I had.

After CHOPPING my hair, I noticed a huge difference when using this product. I can actually tell that my hair is clean now that it’s shorter and I visibly see less frizz. It kind of makes my hair a little flat. I still have a lot of volume, but it’s not as all over the place as it used to be. I try to wash my hair a couple of times a week, and with my short hair, I can manage how much product I need.

My recommendation is if you have medium to thick long hair like I did — it might be too costly of an investment because you will need to use a lot of product to get your hair clean. If that doesn’t bug you, I think you should try it! It’s definitely great for any type of hair!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler Mini $13 

Air Drying is my go-to form of hair styling. With my long hair, it took an entire day for it to air dry. Now with my shorter hair, it doesn’t take too long — it’s still a little lengthier than usual. I asked my hairdresser what types of products I should use with my new short hair and she recommended one specifically for air drying. She mentioned that living proof had one and I did some research and purchased the mini version to test out.

This product is an in-shower styler — which means you put it in your hair after you’ve shampooed and conditioned, rinse only a little, and that’s it. The idea is pretty cool, but I don’t think it’s worked for me yet. It isn’t giving me the immediate result that I want and that could be because I’m still trying to figure out how to style my hair or I’m rinsing too much out.

I feel like this might be a good product to try if you have fine to medium hair. Lengthwise if your hair is long, you are going to need a lot of product, and it might not be worth it cost wise.

OUAI Wave Spray Mini $12 

My hair is naturally wavy, but since I got my haircut, I think my hair has relaxed. Again, I’m still trying to figure it out. I bought the OUAI Wave Spray to see if I can use it to train my hair to have it’s natural wave again. This spray is pretty cool, it smells good, and when I spray it in my hair, it gives it texture. You can spay it on dry or damp hair to bring your waves back to life. I feel like I might be spraying it too close to my head because I can feel the product in my hair and it’s a little crunchy but without the crunch, if that makes any sense. It probably doesn’t — but I’m putting it out there. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my hair actually feels like I went to the beach without it being super tangly. Not sure how this spray would work on long hair but I like it so far with my short.

And that’s my current hair care routine/review! I forgot to include the dry shampoo I usually use but I’ll save that for another time 😉

To see more of more my v i s u a l updates and day to day posts check out my Instagram!

Product Photography and all photo editing by Aline Chaprazian

Portraits taken by Natalie Chaptazian


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