3 Thoughtful Decisions to Make For Yourself This Year

Aline Chaprazian and Lyman Estate Greenhouse

Happy New Year! I was a little overwhelmed and exhausted by the holiday season and took some time to regroup. It felt nice to┬ámake a conscious decision not to do anything but focus on my goals. I’ve been making small strides to achieve these goals and wanted to share what I’ve been doing to make […]

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My Edgy Fall Aesthetic

I love fall. I feel like my wardrobe is at its best during the fall season. The weather is cool, but not too cool AND I CAN DRESS HOW I WANT WITHOUT SWEATING SO SO MUCH. You know? The outfit I’m featuring in this post is probably one of my favorite’s that I’ve styled. See […]

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Grandma Grunge…

Aline Chaprazian

Hey, friends! I know it’s been a little while. This is going to be a short post about one of my favorite dresses. I purchased this dress for $10 at a Savers Thrift store, and I want all my dresses to be like this COMFORTABLE, ROOMY, and STYLISH. During this shoot, I went to one […]

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The Suburban Brood & a 90s Casual Outfit

  Funny story, the only person brooding during this photoshoot was the photographer (also known as my sister Natalie). She actually wanted me to mention that. I had never had a 7-Eleven Slurpee until the day I did this photoshoot. I’m sorry 7-Eleven but the flavor I chose was way too sweet for my taste […]

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