3 Thoughtful Decisions to Make For Yourself This Year

Aline Chaprazian and Lyman Estate Greenhouse

Happy New Year! I was a little overwhelmed and exhausted by the holiday season and took some time to regroup. It felt nice to make a conscious decision not to do anything but focus on my goals. I’ve been making small strides to achieve these goals and wanted to share what I’ve been doing to make […]

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Jewel Tone Style: Ruby

Happy Friday Everyone! This is the last and final look in the Jewel Tone Style Series: RUBY! Red is my favorite color, and I am so excited to share this outfit. I have wanted to put together a red look for SO LONG but always had a difficult time with shades/tones of certain fabrics not matching up […]

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Jewel Tone Style: Pink Diamond

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. I am currently on a much-needed BREAK. My birthday and Christmas aren’t too far apart and I thought taking a week off from work would be a good time to clean my room — and reflect on this year. I’ve been […]

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Jewel Tone Style: Amethyst

The next look in my jewel tone style series is amethyst! I think purple is a great color for the winter. I love deep eggplant shades paired with an icy lilac. That’s what I tried to do with this look. I didn’t want something too dark I really focused on color blocking. That’s pretty much […]

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Autumn Stripes

Aline Chaprazian

Happy Friday everyone! I LOVE FALL! Though the weather has gotten PRETTY COLD since I took these photos. Stripes are an essential for me and sometimes I find that a lot of the striped tops and dresses I own look the same. The top I’m wearing in these photos is actually my mom’s from back […]

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Greater Boston Alzheimer’s Walk 2016

From a young age, my mother’s mother made sure I always knew she loved me. My grandmother has been a huge part of my life and upbringing. I have spent a lot of time with her, and I’d like to share some of my very fond memories. For those of you who don’t my ethnicity […]

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